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At this time, we kindly ask that all customer inquiries are sent via email to support@twostepsocial.com. To keep our prices low, phone support is not currently included in any of our plans.

Two Step Social is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our team is entirely full-time, and we never outsource the work to someone overseas. All content is created by a fluent English speaker.

Hundreds of businesses and organizations around the world trust Two Step Social to create social media content and write blog articles. We have worked with clients in dozens of different industries, from real estate to SaaS and eCommerce to health services

No! You do not have to sign a contract when you start working with us. You can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your subscription at any time.

No! Our plans are month-to-month, meaning you can cancel at any time. Unlike many marketing agencies, we don’t require you to enter into long, multi-month contracts.

No! There are no hidden onboarding or cancellation. The only price you pay is the monthly fee plus any extra services you decide to purchase.

You can sign up for our monthly service on our website using a credit card. Once you sign up, you will have access to our Client Portal, where you can submit post ideas/images, modify your plan, update payment information, and cancel your subscription. We process payments through Stripe, which is one of the world’s largest and safest payment processing companies.

We’re sorry to see you go! To cancel your subscription, log in to the Client Portal and click on “Your Subscriptions”. From there, click on the subscription you would like to cancel, click the three dots in the top right corner, and click “Cancel subscription”.

Once you cancel your subscription, you will not be charged going forward. Posts that have already been created and approved will continue to be published on your social media accounts unless you instruct us otherwise. Unfortunately, we cannot cancel a subscription during the middle of a service month and provide a partial refund because all monthly content is created at the beginning of the service month.

We do not offer full or partial refunds. If you cancel your subscription in the middle of a service month, we will continue publishing social media content until the end of the service month unless instructed otherwise.


You can send ready-to-publish video content to support@twostepsocial.com, and we can schedule it on your behalf. Additionally, we can create animated graphics upon request. Two Step Social cannot produce original video content, and we do not offer intensive video editing services.

Yes! Please regularly send us your images, photos, and other digital assets. Because we create each month’s content at one time, we kindly ask that all materials are sent at the beginning of each service month.

If you are looking for immediate sales, leads, or web traffic, then we would encourage you to consider paid social media ads. Our content creation services are designed to create a professional, consistent presence on the leading social media platforms. While organic posts can eventually lead to improvements in sales, we like to be upfront and say that you should not expect immediate sales or leads from our service. However, if you choose to run a paid ads campaign, keep in mind that it is also important to maintain an organic presence.

Yes! All monthly plans include one round of revisions. Every month, we will send you your custom, branded posts. From there, you can provide feedback on the posts and we will make edits accordingly. We kindly ask that all revisions for the month are shared at one time. Extra rounds of revisions are an additional $50/round.

Absolutely. During the onboarding process, if you don’t already have any accounts, we will help you make them. We can’t make them for you because there would be future account ownership issues, but we can certainly walk you through it!

This is rarely a problem, but if you aren’t crazy about the posts we create for you, we will revise them. All packages include one round of revisions. Every month, you can provide feedback and we will make adjustments so you are 100% happy with the posts!

Absolutely. During onboarding, you will complete an Intake Form with questions about topics you would like us to promote/avoid. We will create posts based on any guidelines you provide.

If you forgot to mention a topic you like/dislike during onboarding, no problem! Email support@twostepsocial.com with your preferences at any time.

The number of likes and followers you receive can depend on a number of things, including hashtag usage, industry, geographic area, and more. For some businesses, posting can lead to organic engagement. For others, posting won’t necessarily lead to growth.

Two Step Social partners with Social Boost to help you build your Instagram following. Click this link to learn more about their service. With plans starting at only $59 per month, Social Boost has helped many of our clients grow their organic Instagram followings.

Absolutely! Email support@twostepsocial.com with the key information regarding the event/promotion/special. We will create and schedule a custom post about it.

Details on the post must be sent to your account manager before the start of the service month. Request sent in the middle of the month will be archived until the subsequent month.

We research your niche, products, and services prior to creating any posts. We also research your business’s line-of-work to get a better idea of the “industry lingo.”

We have extensive experience creating posts for dozens of industries, including restaurants, real estate agents, non-profits, coaching services, media companies, therapeutic centers, consultants, software companies, and many more! Check out some samples.

Each monthly plan includes one round of revisions. We get it – occasionally, you will want to revise one of the posts we make for your brand. The round of revisions is included so that you can provide feedback on these posts. We will edit them based on your comments to ensure they’re relevant and on-brand.

This does NOT include completely re-creating all posts in your plan. Topics and stylistic preferences must be provided upfront if you would like them to be implemented. If you would like your posts to have a specific cadence or format, please let us know at the start of each service month.

At the start of every month, we will create the number of posts included in your monthly plan.

It takes approximately five to seven business days to create all of the posts in your monthly plan. Once completed, we will send you the posts via email for your review. Each of our monthly plans includes one round of revisions, so we can make changes based on your feedback. Each month, you will receive a fresh round of social media posts.

Once finalized, the posts will be automatically scheduled and published over a one-month period.

Yes! During onboarding, you will complete the Client Questionnaire that asks you to share any logos or images that you would like us to use in your posts. Later, if you have any additional images you would like us to use, you can email them to support@twostepsocial.com, or submit them in the Client Portal.

Yes! Our team of design experts creates unique and original posts for each customer. Every post will be relevant to your organization’s brand and industry. Check out some samples.

After you select one of our monthly plans, there are two steps to getting started:

  1. Once you select a plan, complete the Intake Form with questions about your business. Questions will range from “Describe your products and services” to “Tell us about your target audience.” Don’t worry – it won’t take more than a few minutes!
  2. Connect your social media accounts to our scheduling dashboard. This includes accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more! If you don’t have social media accounts, that’s okay! Our team of social media experts can help you make some.

After these two steps are completed, we will get started on creating social media posts for your business.

  • One of our content creation experts will be assigned to your brand. Our entire team is full-time, fluent in English, and based in the Charlotte, NC area.
  • We will reference the information you provided on the Intake Form and on your website, and we will research your business and industry using online resources. You will be prompted to complete this questionnaire on our Client Portal after you select one of our monthly plans.
  • Each month, you are also welcome to share new photos and post ideas, which we will gladly incorporate into your social media posts.

99% of the time, the answers to the Intake Form and the information on your website provide us with the details we need to create relevant, engaging content. Typically, the only time we can’t create content is when it requires advanced scientific or technical knowledge. This is extremely rare, and generally, you should only be posting social media content that is understandable to the average person.

Learn more about the types of content we create here.

We have experience creating tens of thousands of posts in dozens of industries. From real estate to SaaS and eCommerce to health services, chances are we’ve made posts for your niche.


Currently, we do not upload blog articles to our clients’ websites. The deliverable is a Word or PDF document that includes the blog article, which can be copied and pasted to your website.

Each monthly plan includes one round of revisions. The round of revisions is included so that you can provide feedback on the blog article(s).

This does not include completely re-writing the blog article(s). If you would like us to write about specific blog topics, they must be provided upfront.

At the start of every month, we write the blog articles for which you have an active subscription.

It takes approximately five to seven business days to write all of the posts in your monthly plan. Once completed, we will send you the blog article via email for your review. Each of our monthly plans includes one round of minor revisions, so we can make changes based on your feedback.


Let’s chat! Schedule a call with our team or send us an email at info@twostepsocial.com.

No – your clients won’t know that Two Step Social exists. You will handle all communication with your clients, and your Cloud Campaign dashboard (our preferred social media scheduling tool) will be white-labeled to your brand.

Resellers are responsible for collecting payments from their clients and managing their own point-of-sale systems. We can recommend providers based on your situation.

It is common for Two Step Social Resellers to charge two to four times the cost of our monthly plans. For example, it’s typical for our Resellers to charge their clients $400 to $800 per month for our Basic Plan, which we price at $199 per month.

No – you will not be charged any onboarding or cancellation fees to become a Two Step Social Reseller. The only costs you will incur are the fees associated with our monthly plans.

The first step is to schedule a call with our team. This call will help us determine if we’d be a good fit, and it’s an opportunity for you to ask any questions.

Our Reseller Program allows you to add a scalable stream of revenue to your business by offering US-based social media management services to your customers. Learn more about our Reseller Program by clicking here.


We are currently offering a “Give $100, Get $100” program. When clients sign up using a referrer’s custom coupon code, a $100 discount will be applied at sign-up, and a $100 credit will be applied to the referrer’s account.*

If the referrer is a current Two Step Social client, then the $100 credit will be applied to their next automated payment. If the referrer is not a Two Step Social client, we will remit credit payments to your PayPal account on a monthly basis.

*The “Give $100, Get $100” program does not apply to our Lite Plans ($99/mo plans). Credits and discounts toward this referral program cannot be applied retrospectively. No credits and/or discounts will be awarded from previous referrals. Credits and/or discounts cannot be exchanged for cash or cash equivalents. Cadenza Social, LLC (DBA Two Step Social) reserves the right to terminate this program at any time. All participating parties must agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

If you’re ready to start referring Two Step Social’s services, please send us an email at info@twostepsocial.com. We’ll generate a custom coupon code that you can share with your colleagues and customers.

No – many are involved with our Referral Program who do not purchase our services directly. These include other marketing agencies, as well as other businesses/professionals with clients who often require social media management or blog writing services.

Our Referral Program was established to reward those who refer our services. This program is our way of saying thank you to our loyal clients & referral partners. Here is how it works:

i) Reach out to the Two Step Social team by emailing info@twostepsocial.com, and let us know that you would like to refer our services.
ii) We’ll generate a custom coupon code that you can share with your colleagues and customers.
iii) When someone signs up for our services using your custom coupon code, a discount will be applied to their first month of service.
iv) You will receive a credit once they sign up. It’s a win-win-win.


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